Vision and Values

Manchester Urban Cohousing (MUCH) will be a mutually supportive and sustainable co-housing community for people aged over 50 in a suitable location, in South Manchester. The community will consist of around 15 to 20 homes for 18 to 30 people with communal facilities. We aim to create co-housing which promotes our wellbeing and enables us to continue to thrive. We want to live in our co-housing homes for as long as we are able to sustain an independent life with support from each other and outsiders. We will ensure that the design of our homes and shared indoor and outside spaces enable us to meet our future mobility and other needs.

We aim to create a balance between our independence as individuals, and our interdependence as a community. We will design personal and communal space to reflect these aspirations. We hope to create a practical and beautiful place to live, both inside and out, which enables us to have opportunities for active and creative lives as we continue to contribute to our communities. We aim to have a positive social impact on the city and wider society, and to promote a change in the way older people are viewed.
We are committed to living sustainably and using renewable technologies and resources for designing, building and living in our community. The site will be accessible, as far as foreseeable, by good public transport.

We will develop the project and manage our co-housing community as a group, with everyone involved in making decisions by consensus. To do this we are committed to actions and behaviour that are honest, respectful and caring, appreciating that we may have different perspectives. We will consider the ethics of our decisions, where possible supporting those who share our desire for change. We hope to involve people from a range of backgrounds, and will respect the differences between us. We hope to enable more people to join us by offering rented accommodation as well as owner occupied.

The full Vision and Values document is available here:

MUCH Vision and Values Agreed May 19

…not your ordinary retirement community