MUCH is in the process of discussing and agreeing upon policies on a range of issues. In June 2015 it was agreed that MUCH would be a non-smoking project and had previously agreed a statement of intent on age and children, see below. We have also produced an overview of policy development in the UK which is relevant to co-housing and that document is available here: Policy development and a map of where current MUCH members would like to live, as their first choice:  south_manc_agreeable (1)

MUCH Statement of intent on Age and Children

This statement is designed to give prospective MUCH members accurate information about our views on the age of MUCH residents and of resident children for the purposes of recruitment. We will be refine this statement at a later date, to turn it into a clear policy. [Agreed MUCH GM Sept. 2014]

MUCH is intended to be a community of people aged over 50 where we can live positive and supported lives for as long as possible (see our vision and values statement). We hope to have a balanced age community.

Residents may have adult guests who are younger than 50 (for example adult children) for periods of time. As a group and by consensus, we will agree how long such visitors can stay and what their responsibilities are whilst resident.

Children under 18 will similarly be welcome for periods, as guests, but MUCH will be designed with older people not children in mind. As a group and by consensus we will agree how long such children can stay and what their responsibilities are whilst resident.